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Certified holistic health practicioner

Shaman, Reiki Master Teacher 

truth seeker
holistic health 

Truth speaker 

Journey Curator

Retreat Leader


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I am a teacher of internal alchemy.

A holder of deep space for reconnection to the bodies innate healing ability. 

As a Shamanic Practicioner, Reiki Master Teacher, and Holistic Health Practitioner I weave together a return of vitality to the physical, mental, and emotional realms.


Through years of energetic, herbal, and holistic study, I layer ancient practices and modern technology with divine energetics

to create a web of healing.

My methodology deeply reconnects my clients to their own foundation own baseline of health. Often, when we begin to regulate our nervous system, we can more easily unwind from patterns or habits that may be preventing whole bodied health. 


With over 10 years of immersive studies and practice in Energetics, Herbal, and Holistic Healing I have a strong foundation to guide

 those who feel ready- who feel they are not getting the answers they have searched for and ready to go inwards. 


 This person is ready for reflection, expansion, and finality of commitment into deeper healing.

Our work together will weave through modalities deeply focused around your intentions and highest path; some gentle, some physical, some challenging- all unconditionally love filled, embodied approaches to soul centered holistic healing.


My favorite thing about this work is when I witness that moment- that moment we intimately have longed for- deep clarity, closure, reclamation of power, the loving acceptance which unlocks rapid healing capacity within!


When we have passed through the threshold of limiting beliefs, fears, both in the physical and immaterial, Trust creates a deep release;  unraveling the imprints of trauma...reclaiming ones innate divine power.


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