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The world needs the Divine Feminine and all of her Primal, raw, powerful, Radiant, sensual, potent WAYS!
So do you.

Are You Listening to the Call?
 Imagine being deeply connected
to the primal essence of who you are!

Activated, and expressed in all ways that SHE can-

fully radiating from within the PrimaL Goddess, the warrior, the creatress mother, the lover, the medicine woman, and the priestess.

Within this 8 Week Sacred Initiation into the path of Divine Feminine Mystery School you will embark on a journey of true activation.

You will experience, through ceremony and ritual, healing of the divine feminine.

Cellular alchemy, sexual and womb healing, heart song activation, attunement to the circadian rhythm and menstrual cycles, physical trauma healing, gnostic remembrance, creative rejuvenation, and rebirth.


Through embodiment practices, breath work, shamanic vision journeys, and sacred circle integration, you will have the foundation to activate your full original essence.


Offering Includes:

  • One on one integration call with Hope,


  • Private group chat to integrate and weave together experiences, practices, and journal prompts

  • Playlists to support archetypes and aspects exploration

Gates to the October session are open


Sign up Here

Thank you! Hope will be in touch soon.

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