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Testimonials: Testimonials

I brought my anxious ten-year-old daughter to see Hope. Energetic healing is the most comforting and non-invasive practice I have ever been part of. Hope listens well, speaks softy, and in addition to completing energy healing, gave my daughter a few practices to try at home for building her view of herself as well as releasing negative energy and thoughts. I highly recommend this for anyone who has become frustrated with traditional counseling and/or who has been trying to combat the anxiety a child sometimes carries without support.


Hope is an excellent energy practioner. I have worked with her with Reiki, Soul Retrieval and meditation. She is “plugged in” to the higher power and is truly able tune into a person’s vibration to assist them in their healing. But more importantly, Hope is a sweet and honest person who truly cares about the people she comes in contact with. If you are contemplating going to Hope for energy work or going to one of her classes to learn for yourself you will be very happy. God Bless!

Derek C

“Hope is a gentle soul with fierce strength and profound healing capabilities. A session with her is all at the same time relaxing, awakening, and transformative. She is a wise teacher and my most trusted guide.”


There is so much I could say about Hope and the work she is doing. I will start by telling about my first reiki session with her. I was blown away by the before care and conversation that takes place before the actual energy healing. She really takes the time to get to know you, what challenges you are faced with currently, your diet, and more.

Hope is caring and truly holds space for you. She also makes you do the internal alchemical work - which sounds hard - but it is exactly what needs to be done! 


The medicine that Hope has to offer is astounding and ground breaking. All her wisdom, kindness, and unique medicine bring forth an incredible opportunity for release and growth during these collective healing sessions.


Hope is an phenomenal teacher, healer, friend and mentor and I just couldn't recommend her enough! 


Hope continues to be my most trusted ally in my quest for healing, deprogramming and a graceful return to Source. Embodying the Divine feminine and masculine, Hope brings compassion, understanding, and a strong yet gentle insistence that beckons self-reflection and energizes needed change. Hope has introduced me to so many healing modalities, thought processes, and spiritual alignments that I quite literally credit her for saving my life. - Darrin

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