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Holistic Health

A thorough consultation and assessment including muscle testing, pH, and TCM readings to create a multi-functional supportive program to aid your healing path with foundations of health, organic botanicals, flower essence remedies, homeopathic  and nourishing tinctures.


Initial 90-minute assessment includes supportive remedies.


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Shamanic Reiki
Energy Healing

Open to the healing alchemy of your own body, when the channels are opened and life force energy floods from within your being.

Tailored to the client, we will include everything from reflexology to acupressure, breathing, hands-on healing, and visual journeying.

$150.00 per session

packages available

Mmm im still relishing in the juiciness of our circle last night.jpe

Reiki Practicioner Certification

I am always looking for practitioners ready to expand and hold space in a more sacred way,  I have taught for many years and love watching you embody the master you already are!


Private Groups, Events and Retreats

Connection and community is so important.

I hold space for youth groups and Young Adults Coming to Age to educate and empower.

Have a retreat you'd like to bring in a Divine Feminine Workshop? Let's do it!

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