A practice of holistic health that holds space
for you to deeply reconnect with the body and mind to

re-engage LIVING in a state of Wild Peace.

A state which allows for true expression, connection,
good sleep, nourishment of the body, pleasure,
focus, and stability of the mind. 

Using modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine,
Flower Essences, Reiki, Shamanism,
Bio-Energetics, IRIDOLOGY, and holistic health;
Sustainable healing is met with education, empowerment, and
embodied practices, because IT ALL MATTERS

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Wild Peace Within

You innately have the ability to alchemize and integrate

any trauma experienced or remembered,

and I'm here to remind you.

When you integrate the disconnected soul aspects of you,

the need for external validation ends.

You stand on the Foundations Within,

syncing back to natural rhythms and cycles

that nourish and co-create abundant life.

Bringing great purpose, health, direction, clarity, integrity,

and pleasure to every moment on this earth.