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A practice of Holistic Health and Energetics that holds sacred space for those reconnecting to their vibrant health, passion, and peace.

explore the 7 foundations of health which support the wellbeing of your emotional, mental, and physical bodies. 

Using modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Muscle Testing,
Flower Essences, Reiki, Shamanism,
Bio-Energetics, IRIDOLOGY, and holistic health;

our sessions focus on Long TERM healing Solutions and
are met with education, empowerment, and
emotional and energetic practices, because IT ALL MATTERS

start with a free discovery call to begin your  1-on-1 individualized program

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Wild Peace Within

Wild Peace is a fully integrated holistic practice meaning its  in depth approach considers all factors of health and each clients unique constitution. This approach aims to improve the client's overall wellbeing and functionality which directly impacts the quality of the life in a positive way. 

A deep and thorough assessment leads to which foundation(s) of health is/are most critical to support for the client's complaints and goals. 

When you integrate emotional health, mental health, and physical health into your plan of care the results can be rapid- clear- and life changing. 

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