Wild Peace Within

Hope is passionate about educating her clients on how to reconnect with their bodies' ability to communicate and heal. As an intuitive space holder, Hope guides her client to reconnect to the awareness and the wisdom within to take back the direction of one's life-  unwinding and moving through traumatic or intense emotional experiences that may be affecting the mind and body's ability to heal. 

Hope holds a board certification in traditional naturopathic practice, and certifications in holistic health, innate postpartum care, is certified as reiki master teacher and shamanic practitioner. In addition she has years of direct mentorship with elders in herbalism and energetics, culminating into a multifaceted supportive approach which considers all factors of health and each client's unique emotional, mental, and physical constitutions. She is not a doctor and does not prescribe, diagnose, or order lab required tests.

Hope will listen and learn about you, your experiences, your concerns, and your health history.  Understanding the design of the body and how we heal, Hope will help you apply the foundation(s) of health that is/are most critical and create a supportive step by step healing plan including homeopathics, nutritionals and botanicals, emotional and or mental practices, and necessary lifestyle changes! 

Private Office Located in Dover, NH